We get to see the beauty of love legend, Radha Krishna, of all times by these pictures. The embracing pictures of these love God and Goddess makes you feel such that you do not blink your eyes. The Indian Traditional Paintings of lord Shiva, Ganesha, Radha Krishna, the graceful maharani of ancient days, the lady playing with animal kid, Lord Buddha in Dhyanam beneath the Maha Bodhiya tree are among few awesome collections of art. These paintings are made so eye catching that you cannot hold yourself to place them in your drawing room.
The royal Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery is the second most important theme of these paintings. The Kundan and Meena work on this jewelry seems to be amazing. The hand work on this jewelry makes them more beautiful. These paintings leave such an impact that you always wish to buy these pieces for you and your dear ones.

The Ayati collection by Rashmi Singh began as a inspirational rendering to the quintessential theme of Hindu Traditions and Gods. Today this collection aspires to be a symbolic depict of devotional icons for all the religions - illustrated as elaborations of the Hindu God like Budha Paintings, Lord Ganesha, and even Jesus Christ and Budha. Doused in vivid colors, glittery gold and silver foils- the aim of these pieces of art is to leave the collector that insight impact, on the mind and soul alike- a true representation of the many facets of Indian Eclecticism, both ephemeral and ever pervading.

Ayati by Rashmi singh brings to you a sparkling collection of intriguing jewelry in gold, silver and precious stones.Every bit of this queenly collection is embossed in the Royal Rajputana flavor imbibing hand made Tanjore depictions, Tantalizing and enthralling, Ayati's beauty is accentuated by the precious metals and stones a- resplendent amalgamation of luxury and tradition like Rajasthani jadau Jewellery. Ayati by Rashmi Singh is a delicate delight - An ideal ornament for the “Royal You". You can gift it to someone you love or treat yourself for that something special feeling. A mesmerizing collection of Painting Base Jewellery. Experience the confluence of Reverence and Royalty with Ayati by Rashmi Singh.