About Artist

Recuperating from a grievous road accident in 2003, Rashmi Singh discovered that painting helped heal her injuries as well as her soul. Since then, she has not looked back and perfected the art of Tanjore paintings, while expanding her innate abilities to other mediums of art.


Her paintings display a unique synthesis of longing for the primitive beauty of the nature and the aesthetic sensibilities of Radha and Krishna. Her paintings distinctively reveal three dimensional quantity and use of vibrant colors reflective of a very positive personality.

She has painted Radha and Krishna is a variety of moods and styles. In some paintings, Krishna is seen dancing, playing flute to cows, combing Radha’ Hair, playful or with suitable gravitas clad in ornate dhotis and jewellery. Most of the depictions are traditional and figurative with a lot of detailing and fine work.

According to her art is an expression of inner self and her works are aesthetic expressions of her inner reflections, infused with serenity, sacrifice, service and beauty of eternal Radha Krishna.

She is also in legal profession and it is heartening to find a rare and remarkable synthesis of legal qualities with delicate finer points of art in her personality.

She frankly admits that her best critics are her children, Anand and Ananya, who always inspire her to do something better, something different.

Rashmi says that she is thankful to God and her husband, Virendra Singh who has always been supportive in her each and every sphere of life.